Civic Wisdom from the Best Hookah
Smoking Caterpillars We Know
Imagining at least “six impossible things before breakfast”
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
civic wisdom from a couple
cool caterpillars

When you’re doing something as crazy as trying to cross the partisan divide, you meet some interesting fellow travelers along the way. Here’s where we bring them to meet you and we hang out. Hookahs strictly optional.

As we end this year’s journey through the looking glass (do allow us to keep hope alive that it will, in fact, come to a merciful end), we’ll introduce you to some truly wise people who’ve been thinking BIG “drink me” thoughts and imagining at least “six impossible things before breakfast” about just how one can turn a trip down a rabbit hole into enduring wisdom and a stronger democracy.


Even when it’s been agonizing (and plain weird), American democracy has an incredible capacity to course-correct, and that’s often because citizens rolled up their sleeves to get it done. We’ll ask our guests what the evolution of “we the people” looks like from their toadstool.

When it’s all said and done, our ultimate goal this year: To possibly achieve just a little more old fashioned boredom on our next political outing.



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