Join the Asteroids Club
Common Threats Make Common Ground.
2013-14 Dinner at the Square Season
Join the Asteroids Club

Imagine there is a giant asteroid heading to earth, expected to destroy life as we know it. There’s no question we’d stop the incessant partisan bickering and do everything within our power to deflect the asteroid. Right? Well, we’re here to tell you… there are asteroids headed directly at us.


The bad news: In reality, there are many such “asteroids” headed directly at us with the power to destroy our lives as we know them – and the longer we wait to recognize them, the harder they’ll be to “deflect.” Unfortunately, with the rise of tribal partisanship each asteroid arrives wrapped in a special magnetic field that allows only about half of us to see it. While that half points, screams and jumps up and down to warn others, earthlings on the other side of the aisle seem to simply shrug… they’ve got their own asteroids to worry about. And as we fight about which asteroid is real, they’re all coming closer by the day and we’re paralyzed to act.

The good news: We’d like to invite you to join “The Asteroids Club,” a state of mind that values long-term thinking, listening and an ounce of prevention (ok to be realistic it’s probably more than an ounce by now). In the Asteroids Club, we see that the problems in our future are ultimately common threats, whether we like that or not. We’ve even got a club motto: “I’ll help you deflect your asteroid if you help me deflect mine.” Oh and we have swag.


Past Event | September 24, 2013

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