We’re hiring a
Deputy Director

Looks like America needs The Village Square now more than ever.
So we’re hiring someone to help lead the charge.
Saving democracy sound like just your kind of job? Read on!

The Position:

Deputy Director, The Village Square (Tallahassee, FL). This position is an exciting opportunity for a dedicated self-starting professional who is enthusiastic about the important work of building bridges across accelerating divisions in society. We are seeking a candidate with a passion for civic engagement, openness to new ideas, a deep tolerance for political differences and a genuine heartfelt desire to narrow the partisan divide using our well-established nationally known cutting-edge civic model — which does both nationally and locally scoped work. The ideal candidate is a strong effective, communicator and is: 1) internally driven to achieve results; 2) a natural team player; 3) eager to do whatever it takes to execute our important organizational mission; 4) self-directed; 5) energetic; 6) able to thrive in a remote work environment, 7) able to lead operational staff, interns and volunteers 8) genuinely motivated by being hands-on. Must possess superb organizational skills – with a natural internal drive to excel and humility to learn and grow.  The position works closely with a small and highly collaborative staff along with both a  program manager and the founder & CEO — and offers  significant leadership opportunities for a high achiever.

The successful candidate must be able to understand and expand upon the vision driven objectives of the organization.

If this describes you, apply today with a resume and cover letter/email to Founder & CEO Liz Joyner at liz@villagesquare.us

Key Priorities and Responsibilities:
• Events and community engagement
¯¯¯° Core activity is building diverse community of engaged citizens around The Village Square’s core mission to build civic trust between citizens who don’t look or think alike
¯¯¯° Plan, lead and execute community engagement initiatives for local Village Square
¯¯¯° Liaison with local government staff to plan, lead and execute public events with community leaders such as Created Equal, Town Hall, Speed Date and Fast Forward events
¯¯¯° Responsible for leading team on operational details and execution of webinars, including the UNUM digital series, under programmatic direction of CEO and in partnership with Florida Humanities
¯¯¯° Responsible for improving/maintaining operational effectiveness of internal systems (registration, mail programs, donation interface, accounts) that support organization’s mission
¯¯¯° Operational/systems support of program manager in their execution of logistics of events, under programmatic direction set by board of directors and CEO
¯¯¯° Mandatory weeknight events and meetings (estimate about 10 evening events a year + 4 board meetings
¯¯¯° With full team, responsible for deliverables of major one-year grant to build a community where everyone belongs and differences are appreciated
¯¯¯° Publicizes and builds audience for in-person and online events, works with social media contractor to execute strategy
¯¯¯° Willing and able to learn and maintain basic website upkeep duties associated with events
• Board support and management
¯¯¯° With CEO, prepares and organizes quarterly board meetings
¯¯¯° Interacts with board members and staff to execute related duties through the year and report on deliverables
• Fiscal management and reporting
¯¯¯° Prepares, presents and supervises administration of annual organizational budget
¯¯¯° Works directly with accountant in overseeing financial management aspects of the organization (books are kept and balanced by accountant) and reconcile monthly charge details
• Fundraising and resource development
¯¯¯° Seeks and maintains relationships with community donors through execution of development plan
¯¯¯° Works with CEO to seek out and pursue grant opportunities
• Compliance
¯¯¯° Supervises and/or completes and insures compliance with all legal reporting requirements, including review of annual tax documents, Department of Agriculture and Department of State annual requirements, insurance renewal and other similar requirements
• National leadership, support and growth:
¯¯¯° Represents organization in national initiatives as assigned by CEO
¯¯¯° Promulgates and supports expansion of chapters as directed by Board of Directors
¯¯¯° Maintains knowledge of the complex issues involving civic engagement and civility
¯¯¯° Regular sessions to learn Moral Foundations Theory intervention model and other theoretical groundings for our success from CEO
¯¯¯° Liaison with Broward Village Square location
• Structure/reporting:
¯¯¯° Position reports directly to Founder & CEO; many organizational leadership roles will be executed by deputy director

Preferred Professional Requirements and Qualities:

• Single most important qualification is strong internal desire to build diverse community across political and cultural divisions — and true belief that this mission is mandatory in today’s civic landscape
• Believes in the foundational principles of free inquiry, pluralism, liberal democracy and freedom of conscience — that we maintain a free country by allowing difference of opinion to thrive inside that society, building communities where all of us belong, across differences
• Superb organizational and communication skills – with a natural internal drive to wake up every day to achieve results for The Village Square; self-directed individual who can manage competing priorities
• Ability to thrive and achieve significant results in a remote work environment;
• Enthusiastic learner with sincere desire to master unique Village Square model of civic change
• At home in the world of generating big ideas and seeking to achieve audacious, challenging goals — willing to experiment, brainstorm
• Flexible style with a willingness to absorb a wide variety of duties, as is typical with a small nonprofit
• Ability and willingness to represent The Village Square in stakeholder meetings and public speaking engagements
• Approachable, collaborative and transparent professional style
• Ability to interact professionally with Board members, staff, and program participants of diverse backgrounds and perspectives
• Ability to develop organizational budgets and supervise financial aspects of organization; if not a current skillset, then requires willingness to learn
• Proven strong speaking, writing, and communications skills — ability to write compellingly, consistent with unique Village Square voice
• Demonstrated history of effective collaboration and broad community involvement
• A candidate who is already deeply engaged or is highly motivated to become involved in Tallahassee’s community and civic space, forging strong relationships
• Bonus, but not required:
¯¯¯° Grant writing experience and/or willingness to learn
¯¯¯° Demonstrated successful record of resource development for organizational support, including giving campaigns, sponsorship relationships and grant management
¯¯¯° Record of success with non-profit organizations and their boards

• Bachelor’s degree and 10 years professional experience, with 5 years of relevant experience in nonprofit, community engagement or other related work; flexible about these qualities for the right applicant

Salary and benefits:
• $62 to 72K, depending on experience. This position has unique informal perks, including flexible hours, remote work structure and a light holiday and summer event schedule (each fall season launches anew, like the fresh start of a new year at school).  This position does not offer healthcare or a pension.


To Apply:

TO APPLY: Send a résumé and cover letter via e-mail to: Liz Joyner, Founder & CEO, liz@villagesquare.us. For more information, visit our website at https://tlh.villagesquare.us or call 850.264.8785

The Village Square is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The Village Square does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, economic background, marital status, national origin, disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity/expression

Visit our website at https://tlh.villagesquare.us or call 850.264.8785


About The Village Square:

The Village Square is dedicated to bridging divides between people who don’t look or think alike through discussion and spirited disagreement in a 21st Century revival of the American town hall. We are a national innovator in the field of bridge building with 17 years proof of concept, along with the roadmap and relationships to share and scale our expertise, making Tallahassee Village Square what former NEH Chair Jim Leach called “a model for the land.”  Online at https://tlh.villagesquare.us/

Learn more about us: Read a profile of The Village Square’s work in “Architecture of Trust” and listen to Village Square Founder talk about our mission with Arthur Brooks (halfway through episode). You can also listen to past programs on Village SquareCast.

“In democratic countries knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all the others.” – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America 1835