We’re hiring an Operations and Development Director

Looks like America needs The Village Square now more than ever. We’re hiring a leader to help rocket fuel our spread from sea to shining sea. Sound like you? (Like crossing the Delaware, only warmer and with less water.)

The Organization:

The Village Square is a nervy group of liberals and conservatives who believe that disagreement and dialogue make for a good conversation, a good country, and a good time.

In the face of a rising tide of political polarization, The Village Square has pioneered an innovative model of civic engagement that builds a 21st century revival of the American town hall – a dynamic, vibrant civic center where residents from all backgrounds exchange ideas and engage with neighbors. We achieve this through a wide range of entertaining programs on the most controversial issues of our time. In just the past, year we’ve spoken at Harvard Law School, joined a Science Friday conversation on tribal division, and helped the New York Times with a series of conversations between Trump and Clinton supporters. With three locations (Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Salt Lake City), The Village Square is now poised to become a national model for communities seeking a new model of citizenship around a vibrant exchange of ideas. (Read a deep-dive piece on our work here.)

The Position:

We’re recruiting for an Operations and Development Director to join our team. This position is an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic leader to be an integral part of The Village Square mission as we are poised to reach the next level as a national model for community-based civil discourse. We are seeking a candidate with a passion for civic engagement and a genuine desire to narrow the partisan divide. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, energetic, excited to share the organization’s mission, have proven fundraising ability and nonprofit Board management experience, and have a vision for the future of the organization. Self-motivation and accountability – with a natural internal drive to excel – are key attributes as this position will work remotely. Reliable transportation and the ability to attend Village Square events and meetings during evening hours is required. Position reports to the Executive Director.

Key Priorities:

• Maintain a thorough understanding of The Village Square, its history and mission, purpose and programs, staff and board structure, stakeholders, funders, finances, and other sources of support;
• Establish a solid working relationship with the Board, providing them with the tools to encourage and direct their best ideas for strategic planning, fundraising, and advocacy;
• Fundraising is an essential part of this position. Ensure the fostering, maintenance, and expansion of development activities that identify, educate, recruit, sustain, and recognize both donors and sponsors;
• Represent The Village Square on boards and panels, and in partnerships with other organizations. Be a voice for civic engagement and civility on current and emerging issues to ensure that The Village Square remains a proactive leader in the community;
• Plan and lead social media engagement initiatives both locally and in support of expansion to a more national audience;
• Understand the landscape of existing organizations in the civic engagement/civility realm to ensure that Village Square programming is unique, effective, and builds on its strengths and mission.

Preferred Professional Requirements:

• Approachable, collaborative and transparent professional style;
• Record of success with non-profit organizations and their Boards;
• Knowledge of the complex issues involving civic engagement and civility;
• Ability to interact professionally with Board members, staff, and program participants of diverse backgrounds and perspectives;
• Demonstrated successful record of resource development including annual giving, business sponsorship, grant writing, and grant management;
• Proven strong public speaking, writing, and communications skills;
• Demonstrated history of effective collaboration and broad community involvement;
• Experience with financial management;
• Self-directed individual who can manage many competing priorities while upholding the vision for the organization;
• Flexible problem solver skilled at striking the balance between innovation and continuity;
• Bachelor’s degree and/or commensurate work experience in relevant field required.

Key Responsibilities:

Fund Development:
• Develop and lead the overall fundraising strategy working in conjunction with the Board to build long-term, sustainable, diversified funding sources of income for The Village Square;
• Identify, educate, recruit, sustain, and recognize both donors and sponsors;
• Spearhead grant development with Executive Director;
• Negotiate and maintain grant and contractual relationships;
• Oversee and execute grant and contractual obligations;
• Maintain foundation and funder relationships and reporting.

Communications and Community Relations:
• Manage The Village Square’s social media presence, continually expanding reach and building interactive audience, identifying and adapting new trends in communication and online presence; high level of skill and current, cutting-edge expertise required;
• Maintain working knowledge of civic engagement/civility developments and trends, and build relationships with leaders in civil discourse field;
• Tell The Village Square story in an effective, clear, and engaging manner;
• Represent programs and organization point of view to agencies, organizations, and the general public;
• Foster working relationships with partner organizations;
• Represent organization at national conferences and associations;
• Publicize organization’s activities, programs and mission.

Board Management:
• Help to maintain, steward, and recruit Board members;
• Engage and coordinate efforts of various Board committees (Board Membership, Development, Community Engagement);
• Keep the Board abreast of issues and challenges impacting The Village Square;
• Provide leadership in developing administrative and financial plans with the Board, and oversee execution of plans and policies as authorized by the Board.

Program Oversight, Development and Execution:
• Lead the team in oversight of local programs;
• Some mandatory weeknight events and meetings;
• Collaborate with governmental partners in planning and execution of contractual programming.

To Apply:

Send a résumé and cover letter via e-mail to: Liz Joyner, Executive Director, liz@villagesquare.us

To receive priority consideration, applications must be submitted by August 11.

The Village Square is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The Village Square does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, economic background, marital status, national origin, disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity/expression.

Visit our website at https://tlh.villagesquare.us


“The Village Square is supporting an ancient and durable principle of civilization: It’s hard to hate the enemy face to face.” — John Marks, Journalist and Frontline producer