You have to look at where people live. It’s not states. States are the wrong way to look at how people live. People live in communities. It’s at that community level that people are becoming more segregated.

Bill Bishop, author of “The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart”



Tallahassee, Florida

The original Village Square, where the seeds began germinate in 2006 when local leaders who were friends found themselves on opposite sides of a divisive local issue that made it clear the community lacked a shared civic space for conversation between people who didn’t see things the same way.  The Village Square hosts about 20 civic forums every year in Tallahassee, providing a model for new locations and others across America working to bridge the partisan divide. Find Village Square Tallahassee online here.


Fort Lauderdale/Broward, Florida 

In Broward County, the Village Square is a partnership between the Village Square and Broward College. The College will host a variety of large community forums/events every year that provide a safe and comfortable forum for civic engagement on diverse matters of local, state and national importance. Our events are planned by our Advisory Board members who are community leaders from across Broward County, that comprise of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Our Advisory Board is represented by City and County Commissioners, educators, business owners/professionals and religious/non-profit leaders. Find Village Square in Broward online here.