Stand in the place where we live:
The story of us.
Not left. Not Right. Local.
Postponed | Dinner at the square | Location TBA
"Tomorrow begins with a story."

This entire year The Village Square will look for, talk about – and honor – people who stand up and make things happen where we live right here in Tallahassee. For our final dinner of the year we’ll gather these good thinkers (who just happen to be our neighbors) for a conversation about trending ideas from near and far that inspire our imaginations, whatever our ideological bent — and without the bothersome constraints of reality weighing us down.

And we’ll do all this with the help (afterall, we’re in Florida) of Futurist and former Walt Disney Imagineering’s elite Blue Sky Studio guru Joe Tankersly. Joe shows others how to use foresight and narrative to create, sustainable, equitable, and abundant futures. “Tomorrow always begins with a story,” according to Joe. Here’s where we tell the story of our hometown. Nominate a Local Patriot you’d like to see join Joe for this discussion.

This program is made possible through the generous support of Mad Dog Construction, Johnson & Blanton and The Tallahassee Democrat.


We’ll also consider the alternative more ominous storyline — “Ghost of Hometown Future” to think through our community’s future in even more divided times – without a local newspaper, without The Village Square, and with nationalists having triumphed firmly over localists and any trace of who we are as neighbors. Then we’ll wake up from this nightmare and take it from there, because who will ensure that future doesn’t exist if we don’t?

In keeping with our theme for the year – that it’s in our hometown where we ultimately decide who we are to each other – we’re keeping our discussion real and we’re keeping it local. Right here, right now, in this place and between these people.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Alan Kay



Joe Tankersley, Futurist
Unique Visions
Joe Tankersley, Futurist
Reimagining Our Tomorrows
the 2019-20 dinner at the square series
This program is part of the series "The Year of Living Locally." Check out other programs.

Imagine if Americans turned our attention toward the communities we share with other Americans, in every city, town, village and one-stoplight hamlet from sea to shining sea? Imagine what might happen in our communities — and even in Washington — as a result of overcoming the angry left and right tribes with local tribe – this place, these people.

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