past event | October 29, 2021 @ NOON | God Squad | via zoom
Faith, Family, Football: Remembering the Spiritual Legacy of FSU Coach Bobby Bowden

Florida State University’s football coaching legend Bobby Bowden no doubt left his mark on the game. But here in his hometown, we know that the deepest impact might have been because of the man he was — “football, faith, and family.” We’ll pay tribute to him, “dadgummit.”

PAST EVENTS | December 2021 | God Squad
Exhausted with politics?
A spiritual framework to move forward.

Everything has become political, high conflict and seemingly inescapable as the electromagnetic suck of angry politics forces us to be either “us” or “them,” when most of us would rather do nothing of the sort. We’ll look for higher ground together.

Past event | January 28, 2022 @ NOON | God Squad | VIA ZOOM
Spiritual lessons of a pandemic: Can this trauma possibly make us better humans? 

It’s really easy to be in touch right now with the dark side of human nature that’s been so thoroughly highlighted through the pandemic, but is there something else to see?  Maybe transcendence, empathy and heroic self-sacrifice? 

past event | February 2022 | God Squad
Empathy in the Age
of Schadenfreude

As the political landscape has devolved into a Mad Max hellscape of blame and retribution (and sometimes even worse), can we find a way to wrestle up a little empathy for our fellow human, even the ones who we don’t agree with?

Past Event | March 2022 | God Squad | First Baptist Church of Tallahassee
Lonely and Extreme: A conversation about how to really fix extremism

Given the dangerous rise of political extremism in America, it’s well past time we stopped wagging our fingers and do a bit of soul searching of our own about why our society is producing so many citizens unmoored from the connections that support moderation. 

Past event | god squad | april 2017
Exit the Echo Chamber: Fake News, Filter Bubbles and Faith

Exit the Echo Chamber: Fake News, Filter Bubbles and Faith Summer is right around the corner and we know you have plans – fishing, sunbathing, a summer read or two? Whatever you’re up to, we say you add just one more to-do: “Save the planet by escaping the echo chamber.” Doable.