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The Jefferson Dinner

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The Village Square works with The New York Times podcast “The Run-Up” on conversations between Trump and Clinton supporters

Village Square In the News

Craftsmanship Quarterly: The Architecture of Trust

Throughout those battles, antidotes to our civic poisons have always run through the American bloodstream too. Americans have continually found ways to neutralize their discord and catalyze diversity, turning them into sources of strength.

all year | in partnership with
92Y in NYC

The Jefferson Dinner

Early legislators came to work “in the spirit of avowed misunderstanding, without the smallest wish to agree.” Jefferson’s solution? He invited diverse lawmakers to dinner and was widely credited with saving democracy. Maybe we can too?

The Village Square (noun):

A nervy bunch of liberals and conservatives who believe that disagreement and dialogue make for a good conversation, a good country, and a good time.

Building the town hall of the 21st century across the partisan divide.

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