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The Jefferson Dinner:
Free Speech and Safe Space

By Rachel Leigh Peller. The Jefferson Dinner hosted by Rachel, Sondra and Britney. Sign up to host or attend a Jefferson Dinner (or learn more) online here. ​​My biological family is politically diverse. At the last holiday dinner, we realized we represented five different parties: Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, and Independent. I’m used to talking […]

Berkeley + BYU

Reigniting America’s Civic Ecosystem
– at Universities and Beyond

Bringing 68% Solutions back to America

Back in the day, we might have called our goal “statesmanship.” Once elected, leaders were expected to serve all citizens – whether they had voted for them or not – while working with political foes to govern.

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Village Square 101: Of, by and for the people

The hostile tone of our national debate is a predictable result of the worrisome reality that we’ve essentially formed tribes. We’ll all grow old waiting for Washington to fix it, so we’re going to have to get it done ourselves.