Ten Years Time:
9/11, the Heart of America and the Shadow of the Middle East
Past event | Dinner at the Square | Fall 2011
remembering and forgetting

In partnership with Florida State University’s Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, we’ll spend an evening looking at the legacy of the September 11th attacks on America.

Moderated by Mark Schlakman, coordinator of the Human Rights & National Security in the 21st Century lecture series, prominent attorney Barry Richard will examine balancing liberty and security, followed by a discussion of domestic security with officials from the FDLE, Department of Justice & U.S. Attorney’s Office.


The first discussion will focus on domestic security imperatives with panelists Thomas Battles, Regional Director for U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service; Rob Davis, First Assistant to the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida; and Robert LeFiles, Director of Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Fusion Center.

A second panel will examine the topic “America and the Islamic World: Clash or Convergence” with Dr. Parvez Ahmed, a frequent commentator on the American Muslim Experience; Dr. Adam Gaiser, an Islamic Studies scholar at FSU Department of Religion; Mildred Duprey De Robles of the Department of Justice Community Relations Service; Rabbi Jack Romberg of Temple Israel; and Preston Scott of WFLA’s The Morning Show with Preston Scott. (Event photos.)



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