Global Warming, Cap & Trade
( & Dollars & Sense): Sorting through confusion on climate and economy
Past event | Dinner at the Square | Winter 2010
climate change outside the box

Confused by competing “facts” in the angry partisan feud over global warming? The Village Square is bringing the global climate change debate home to Tallahassee in our Dinner at the Square series. We’ll feature a panel of experts from different sides of the contentious issue in a search for common sense solutions.


Panelists include James Madison Institute Adjunct Scholar Paul Bachman of Boston’s Beacon Hill Institute, who has recently completed an analysis of economic effects of the proposed cap and trade legislation on Florida; Bryant Miller Olive’s Kathy Baughman McLeod who led the Green Jobs for Florida delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen; Colleen Castille of Go Green Strategies, formerly serving as Secretary of Department of Environmental Protection under Governor Jeb Bush; Susan Glickman, a consultant for Natural Resources Defense Council and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; and Barry Moline, Executive Director of Florida Municipal Electric Association.