all year we'll honor people who stand up for this hometown
We're looking for people who act local.

Through our 2019-20 season The Village Square will look for, talk about – and honor – people who stand up and make things happen where we live right here in Tallahassee. We’re calling these people “local patriots.” As far as we know there isn’t an official definition of our jumbled-up term, but we’re sure you know the kind of person we’re talking about.

Our special fall dinner guest Stephen Kiernan, author of Authentic Patriotism, defines authentic patriotism as “a person who sees a problem and declares that it cannot be allowed to persist in a country as great as ours.” Local Patriots aren’t waiting around for someone in Washington, D.C. to fix something, they work to make our community what they imagine it can become. They look at who and what is in front of them and they do something.

For our final dinner of the year (postponed due to COVID-19) we’ll gather (when it’s safe again) with some of these Local Patriots (who just happen to be our neighbors) for a conversation about trending ideas from near and far that inspire our imaginations, whatever our ideological bent. Learn more about the event and our futurist host here. This program is made possible through the generous support of Mad Dog Construction, Johnson & Blanton and The Tallahassee Democrat.

Meet the Local Patriots, below.

John Dailey | Mayor
City of Tallahassee
Sandy Beck | Education Director
St. Francis Wildlife Association
Adrienne Campbell | Co-Founder
Tallahassee Classical School
Jessica Clark | CEO
Skye Creative Marketing
Richard Darabi | Project Manager
Moore Bass Consulting
Jovita Woodrich | Director
Volunteer Florida
Betsy Couch | Executive Director
Knight Creative Communities Institute
Yuh-Mei Hutt | President
Golden Lighting
Matt Thompson | Managing Partner
For the Table Hospitality
Tiffany Baker | Museum Director
Florida Historic Capitol Museum
Kate Clark | Managing Partner
Cypress Capital
Stefanie Bowden | External Affairs
Sandey Bucklew | Senior Vice President
Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Darby Scott | Director
Immigration Law Project
Jay Revell | Vice President
Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce
Lester Hutt | Dir. Recruitment and Community Outreach
Diverse Computing
Justo Cruz
Tally Mac Shack | Owner
Samantha Sexton | Director of Gov. Relations
University of Florida
Carly Sinnadurai | Executive Director
The Sharing Tree
Royle King | Volunteer Services Manager
Leon County Government
Talethia Edwards | Community Liaison
Leon County Department of Health
Barbara Boone | Vice President
Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce
Devan Leavins | Special Projects Administrator
Tallahassee - Leon County Planning Dept.
Jana Sayler | Board Chair
Tallahassee Classical School
Cindy Bigbie | Coord. of the Community Connections
Restorative Justice Program
Ron Sachs | CEO and Founder
Sachs Media Group
Samantha Strickland | CEO
The Pod Advertising
Alex Workman | Photographer
The Workmans
Jake Kiker, III | Shareholder
Julie Meadows-Keefe | Former Ethics Officer
City of Tallahassee
Christic Henry
Council of Neighborhood Associations
Event Sponsors