Florida Recount Reunion:
Same month. Same state. Same City. Same People. More Friendly.
Past event | Dinner at the Square | Fall 2010
Same city. More friendly.

It’s been 10 years since the bizarre events surrounding the Florida Recount changed the face of Tallahassee for 37 days and possibly the tone of America’s civic discourse forever. Many of the people most intimately involved were our neighbors on both sides of the aisle. Hear the inside scoop from them along with their observations on the significance of the events to our city, our state and our country.

Joining us, from left to right in the photo below: Bush attorney Barry Richard, Leon County Election Supervisory Ion Sancho, retired Florida Supreme Court Justice Harry Anstead, First District Court of Appeals Judge Nikki Ann Clark, Second Judicial Circuit Judge Terry Lewis, Florida Supreme Court Public Information Officer Craig Waters and Florida Supreme Court Justice Jorge Labarga. Facilitating the discussion is Village Square board member Neil Skene.

We are truly honored to be able to host Florida Supreme Court photographs from those 37 days here.


In association with this event and in partnership with the Tallahassee Democrat, we’re also delighted to be hosting a recount photo contest. Best Buy of Tallahassee has generously donated a SONY DSC-W190 digital camera as the prize (first and second place winners will also win two season tickets to the Village Square dinner season. You can view the photos from the contest here.