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Respect + Rebellion: Unlikely friendships in American History (and in our community)

In divided times like ours and through history, brave and unlikely friendships have endured, inspired and redeemed. Take Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, whose letters of ultimate respect to each other (after a nearly lifelong feud) guided posterity, Lincoln’s legendary Team of Rivals who put down their guns to seek the “better angels of our nature,” or even the deep friendship between Presidents Bush 41 and Clinton. (We’ll gather with real life friends (X + X – preferably leaders in the community who people know but you maintain relationships across division) in appreciation for what we can learn from people who disagree with us and the value of having someone around who will tell leaders what they hadn’t (yet) considered.

Resource: We’ve got stories like this online (some famous people, some not famous, but we think all inspiring) that you can use in your social media campaign about the event, telling successive stories leading up to the 2 friends who will be at the event’s story. We can provide our site graphics and you can take clips you like from our material: https://respectandrebellion.com/stories/

Note about this idea: it will begin to create relationships in the community that support this kind of programming in the future, as well as get local elected leadership invested in each of these MOM sites.