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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby? Celebrating 100 years since the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in the era of #MeToo

And what a 100 years it has been! [Insert cool historical facts about the suffrage movement.] Nearly everything has changed in our families, in our work lives and in the choices women have in how to lead our lives. And yet some things seem like they could be the same old, same old. Real issues affecting women have become the hottest topics in our civic dialogue and Americans clearly have enduring disagreement about how those issues should be resolved. Beyond the moral argument there is a sense that feminism and the sexual revolution may have unleashed unintended consequences with relationships between men and women fundamentally transformed. In all the controversy around the shifting ground for women, are we completely missing a real conversation about the real lives of America’s daughters? We’ll talk too about understanding differences in how women of color have experienced these tectonic shifts.
(Great history/quote to use: Abigail Adams wrote on the new government being formed, warning her husband that if the women were forgotten they would “foment a rebellion” seeking an end of world where women had “no voice or representation.”

Potential panelists: (Palatka — someone from that woman’s group), historian who can share something about the history, League of Women Voters rep.