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$500 auto-renew sponsorship

The Village Square - Tallahassee

Sponsor Recurring

This option lets you set it and forget it. Your sponsorship stays current with an annual $500 payment automatically made – you’ll get a confirmation of the donation each time it’s charged and you can cancel at any time.

Perks: Company/individual name on our website, 2 dinner tickets, 2 memberships, annual member event, restaurant discounts, flying pig bumper sticker, invitation for you and guests to pre-dinner receptions and a warm fuzzy feeling.


Sponsorship perks at the $500 level:

  • Your name or your company’s name on our website
  • 2 tickets to the dinner (or dinners) of your choice during the current season (a $120 value)
  • 2 Village Square memberships (a $152 value) that each include the following benefits:
  • Special discounts all year at Village Square restaurants and other businesses (see current deals here)
  • Village Square flying pig bumper sticker (image to the left, sticker is 3.75″ square)
  • Invitations for you and your guests to all pre-dinner speaker receptions hosted by Village Square Board of Directors
  • Special discount pricing to Dinner at the Square as well as special events held through the year
  • Invitation for you and your guest to our annual members reception
  • Members-only snail mail and email so you’re always in the the loop