Past event, May 2024 | UNUM digital series
the humanity beneath our conflict

As part of our fall 2023-spring 2024 virtual lecture series, “UNUM: Democracy Reignited,” we’ll engage international expertise in service of quelling increasingly dangerous divisions here at home. Drawing on decades of experience addressing volatile disagreements surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Resetting the Table works to transform toxic polarization and destructive political conflict in the U.S.

We’ll be joined by Resetting the Table’s Co-Founding CEO, Melissa Weintraub, a veteran peacebuilder and social entrepreneur who has spent her career building transformative communication across divides, overcoming dehumanization and distrust, and working toward a shared society in both the U.S. and Israel-Palestine. Learn more about Resetting the Table by clicking the “MORE” button.

This program is presented live via Zoom and Facebook Live and made possible by Florida Humanities and National Endowment for the Humanities. We’re delighted to welcome streaming partners Braver Angels, McCourtney Institute for Democracy, National Institute for Civil DiscourseBridgeUSAListen First ProjectUSC Dornsife Center for the Political Future,  Common Ground CommitteeCivic Health Project, TP&R podcast, YOUnifyCitizen ConnectCenter for the Humanities at University of MiamiTallahassee DemocratWFSU Public Media, and Network for Responsible Public Policy.


Resetting the Table brings wisdom and expertise gained in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to healing America’s deepening divides.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election — after years of focus on volatile disagreements surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — Resetting the Table launched an ambitious initiative forging communication and understanding across red/blue/purple divides in the U.S. They began with a Listening Campaign and series of dialogue forums in the heart of the Wisconsin and Iowa Rust Belt counties that swung Obama-to-Trump in the 2016 election, engaging and partnering with many “unusual suspects” for bridge-building work: from conventional dairy farmers to blue-collar workers to Evangelical pastors. Today, they offer training and forums targeting clergy, journalists, bridge-building practitioners, conservative and progressive activists, and more.

*This program is made possible by funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the United We Stand: Connecting Through Culture initiative. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of Florida Humanities or the National Endowment for the Humanities.



Rabbi Melissa Weintraub
Co-Founder, Resetting the Table
Resetting the Table
More About Their Work

At a time of immense division, PURPLE tells the story of Americans with opposing viewpoints confronting their disagreements head-on and discovering the concerns and experiences that lie behind each other’s positions.


Resetting the Table presents:
PURPLE, a short film