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True patriotism serves

We’ll finish this year’s discussion of our divisions with a bit of a call to action, issued in the form of a powerful book by Nautilus Book Award winner Stephen P. Kiernan: Authentic Patriotism. Here’s Stephen:

“The problems America faces are not going to be solved by either political party, nor are they exclusively the fault of any political party. I am reminded of the line in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet: “A plague on both your houses.” In a democracy politics are merely the manifestation of the people’s will; if Congress is weak, it is because the public’s leadership of politicians has been insufficient.” Event photos.


Joining in the discussion with Stephen are Rebeccah Cantley of the Tallahassee Democrat, Kelly Otte of PACE Center for Girls, Robin Safley of The Usual Suspects, Glenda Thornton of The Florida Lottery. The conversation with be facilitated by Dr. Laura Osteen of the Center for Leadership & Civic Education.



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Ultimately patriotism isn't about waving a flag or winning a fight with political opponents. True patriots roll up their sleeves and get done what needs to be done in their country. It's these acts of selfless care for our neighbors that is ultimately how we love America. How might you become an authentic patriot?

Stephen Kiernan challenges us to become Authentic Patriots