David Blankenhorn:
American Values.
Past event | Dinner at the Square | Winter 2015
The Culture War
outside the box.

(Event photos.)Founder and President of the Institute for American Values – a New York City based think tank focused on rebuilding civil society – David Blankenhorn has spent his career thinking creatively and provoking constructive discourse about some of the most important and controversial cultural issues of our time. As we find ourselves increasingly locked down inside ideological camps, David defies categories, crosses boundaries, and offers fresh and compelling thinking where we seem most stuck.


Our discussion will be wide-ranging and free-wheeling and will focus not just on problems (like hyper-partisanship) but also on solutions (like how to build stronger communities). Facilitated by his long-time friend and Village Square board member Bill Mattox, if you’re tired of thinking inside the box then this one’s for you.



David Blankenhorn | Founder and President
Institute for American Values
Bill Mattox | James Madison Institute
Immediate Past Chair
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