Past event | Dinner at the Square | Summer 2010
here goes nothing.

Throwing all caution and sense of self-preservation to the wind, we’ll be taking on the prickly topic of the culture wars – you know, how we’re divided on what seems like everything what seems like all the time. To do that, we’ll gather the usual cast of dissimilar characters to – uh – talk. They’ll navigate the treacherous waters where faith, culture and politics interest. Event photos.


Award-winning writer Bill Mattox and his temporary sidekick Vita Bakker moderate this panel of agreeable disagreers: Lead Pastor of Fellowship of the Hills Church Brian Brown, Temple Israel Cantor Tanya Greeblatt, criminal defense and civil right attorney Chuck Hobbs and Editor & Publisher of FloridaThinks.com John Konig.



This year we’re throwing caution to the wind and diving right into the biggest, ugliest and most divisive issues we’re dealing with in America today. We’re going to spend the Year Living Dangerously and we plan to come out of all of it still speaking. Wish us luck.

The Year of Living Dangerously:
America's Big Ugly Partisan Controversies