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God Squad, Now @ Night. Yes.

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Tallahassee, meet the God Squad – five very different faith leaders from across our community who always talk about those things your mother told you to never talk about in polite company – politics and religion. They’ve been doing it Fridays for lunch for eight years but now they’re officially going prime time in cooperation with Leon County Government. Meet the squad below.

God Squad, meet The Reverend Dr. Gary Mason, a Methodist minister who has spent a career in inner city Belfast building peace across the “ghosts of religious division which have dogged this island for hundreds and hundreds of years.” He brings wisdom from the Irish legacy of sectarianism to America’s current divisions. Gary’s organization, Rethinking Conflict, is a UK based non-profit social enterprise working in the field of conflict transformation, peacebuilding and reconciliation. Our sincere thanks to Good Samaritan United Methodist Church for providing Dr. Mason for this important evening.


Gary has learned that “trust is developed in the context of a meaningful relationship” and that if the historical baggage in a society isn’t addressed it continues to rear its head. He sees signs that the escalation in our racial tensions are following along some of the escalations in violence they’ve seen in Northern Ireland.



Rev. Dr. Gary Mason | Founder
Rethinking Conflict
Darrick McGhee | Founding Pastor
Bible Based Church
Jack Romberg | Rabbi
Advisory Co-chair
Tim Holeda | Parochial Vicar
St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral
Betsy Ouellette Zierden | Former Pastor
Good Samaritan UMC
Josh Hall | Pastor
First Baptist Church
Dr. Gary Mason: Wisdom from Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland

The Reverend Dr. Gary Mason has spent a career as a Methodist minister “never more than 100 meters from the peace line” in Belfast, where he has walked the walk for faith “to spill into the public space and make a difference.”

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