October 14, 2022 @ noon | God Squad | First Baptist Church of Tallahassee
Souls to the Polls?

Souls to the Polls? It’s an election year. Should churches have political candidates speak at Sunday services? Should clergy tell congregants how to vote? Should congregations organize political rallies or get-out-the-vote efforts? What are the proper lines for religious involvement in politics? And what are the consequences (to the body politic and to religious communities) when these lines get crossed?

Joining us for God Squad are Pastor Betsy Ouelette Zierden of the United Methodist Church, Father Tim Holeda of St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral, Pastor Joe Davis, Jr. of Truth Gatherers Community Church, and Stefanie Posner of Temple Israel, and Funmi Ojetayo, Pastoral Resident at Incarnation Tallahassee.


Joseph Davis, Jr | Pastor
Truth Gatherers Community Church
Scott Martin | Pastor
Element3 Church
Funmi Ojetayo | Pastoral Resident
Incarnation Tallahassee
Tim Holeda | Parochial Vicar
St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral
Betsy Ouellette Zierden | Pastor
Stefanie Posner
Temple Israel
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