Speed Date Your Local Leaders:
Citizenship, improved.
7 citizens x 7 minutes x local leaders + yummy food = a better hometown
6 pm wednesday, April 3 @ Goodwood Carriage House
Let's do democracy:
Let the Speed Dating begin!

Read about what you missed here.

Maybe you’ve never tried it yourself, but everyone’s heard of speed dating. First offered by an Israeli rabbi to help Jewish singles find love, now there’s Christian speed dating, graduate student speed dating, even speed dating for pet adoption and – for the truly noncommittal – online speed dating.

But have you heard of civic speed dating? At a time when good civic conversations are either hostile or practically non-existent nationally, it’s probably past time for a little local “matchmaking” for the good of our hometown. It’s a format so cool and so unique that we were featured in USA Today when we launched it.

Thanks to our funders Community Foundation of North Florida through a grant from the Knight Foundation for making Speed Date possible.


Single or married, Speed Date Your Local Leaders gives citizens the unusual opportunity to, well, “Speed Date Your Local Leaders” – enjoying yummy food from Jeri’s and chatting informally with the people who lead in our community. (see participating leaders who have already confirmed, below – and check back for new confirmations). Here’s how it works: Leaders will rotate from table to table every 7 minutes, offering each group of participants an opportunity to ask questions or offer ideas that might never have rated a phone call or public testimony, but are the grist of good citizenship and good governance nonetheless.


Curtis Richardson | Commissioner
City of Tallahassee
Jack Porter | Commissioner
City of Tallahassee
Carolyn Cummings | Commissioner
Leon County
Rick Minor | Commissioner
Leon County
Brian Welch | Commissioner
Leon County
David O'Keefe | Commissioner
Leon County
Cecka Rose Green, Executive Director
Children’s Services Council
Chief Lawrence Revell
Tallahassee Police Department
Rocky Hanna
Leon County Schools
Mark Earley
Leon County Supervisor of Elections
Katrina Rolle
President & CEO
Community Foundation of North Florida
Keith Bowers
Office of Economic Vitality
Stephanie Shumate | Director
Commission on the Status
of Women and Girls
Kathleen Spehar, Executive Director
Council on Culture & Arts
Dr. Jeremiah Murphy, President
Connection First
Jim Rosica | News Director
Tallahassee Democrat