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A Citizen's Election Season Survival Guide
Past event | September 2016
A Citizen's Election Season Survival Guide

Cheaper and more enjoyable than the therapy we’ll probably all need by fall, we’ll start our Dinner at the Square season with experienced political insiders who’ll help us understand how in the world we got where we are now (and might even help us figure a way back out).

While there haven’t been many things we’ve agreed on lately (at all), most of us would likely agree that we’ve never seen an election cycle like this one. So we’ve invited two of our neighbors – people who’ve each spent a lifetime in the midst of the political fray – over for an honest conversation about the whole fiasco. (Learn about science behind this program here.)


white-rabbit-color-300Sally Bradshaw, Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s Chief of Staff and long-term confidante, hasn’t been long off the presidential campaign trail and will bring us a front row perspective on the experience, offering up Sally’s usual wisdom on what she’s made of it. Joining her will be Steve Vancore of VancoreJones Communications, campaign and polling whiz kid, to share what he’s seeing from his bird’s eye view. At a time when we’re expecting the national conversation to have reached a deafening din, here’s the most important thing about Sally and Steve: they’re friends. And the second most important thing about them is they’re both by nature pretty optimistic humans. We’ll need some optimism to get through to Wednesday, November 9th (and after).

The Village Square’s own Wendy Walker, our moderator for the evening, will bring her unique experience leading people of all of political stripes in her capacity as President of Leadership Florida.



Sally Bradshaw, Our facilitator
Former Chief of Staff, Governor Jeb Bush
Steve Vancore | President
Vancore Jones
Wendy Walker | President
Leadership Florida
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