Tallahassee Town Hall:
A yearly conversation about the hometown we share
7 PM ON MONDAY, APRIL 12 | 9th Annual Town Hall | Via Zoom
let's do democracy.

There’s nothing more quintessentially American than a town hall meeting. Within its ethos is the important founding principle that political foes must grudgingly become partners as they engage conflicting ideas in order to govern. It’s the old-fashioned spirit of rolling up our sleeves and just getting it done. We hope you’ll join us live digitally in the WFSU studio to be a part of it.

Our annual town hall pairs commissioners from the City of Tallahassee and Leon County to have a constructive (and neighborly) cross-governmental discussion about where we are, where we’re going and what the challenges out there on the horizon might be. You know, democracy. Booyah. (Look – Washington – at how it’s done.) Our town hall is facilitated by former Tallahassee Democrat Publisher Skip Foster – and powered by Leadership Tallahassee. (Check out the commissioners who will be participating in this year’s program, below.)

The program will be streamed live at wfsu.org/live as well as on Facebook Live.

The program will be televised on WFSU Thursday evening, April 15 at 8:00 p.m.

This program is made possible by a sponsorship from AARP Florida.


In a time when too many town hall meetings make the news with fistfights (egged on by professional polarizers who make big money – or win elections – if we can’t stand each other) we think it’s past time to breathe a little new life in the old-fashioned town hall. Lost in all the time we focus on the highly divisive national slugfest are the issues that affect us locally, personally, everyday. Besides, if we’re not showing up to help make the decisions important in our hometown, who will?

(Read us blathering on about Tocqueville and America and just what an important thing you’re doing by moseying on down to the town hall when really it just seemed like something small.)


Dianne Williams-Cox | Commissioner
City of Tallahassee
Kristin Dozier | Commissioner
Leon County, Florida
Curtis Richardson | Commissioner
City of Tallahassee
Jimbo Jackson | Commissioner
Leon County, Florida
John Dailey | Mayor
Tallahassee City Commission
Nick Maddox | County Commissioner
Leon County Commission
Jack Porter | Commissioner
City of Tallahassee
Jeremy Matlow | Mayor Pro-Tem
City of Tallahassee
Rick Minor | Commissioner
Leon County
Brian Welch | Commissioner
Leon County
Carolyn Cummings | Commissioner
Leon County
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