Why Gridlock
Rules Washington
Former Florida Members of Congress David Jolly + Patrick Murphy
PAST EVENT | Feb 2018 | The Turnbull Center
jolly + murphy:
One R, one D

We are thrilled to partner with Florida State University’s Power of WE in welcoming Former Members of Congress David Jolly (R, FL) and Patrick Murphy (D, FL) to Tallahassee as a part of their tour of Florida’s largest cities and college campuses to share their unique insights into why gridlock rules Washington and how we might solve the crisis. RSVP here.


Political conversations are entirely predictable these days – the feuding sides refuse to engage in meaningful, respectful hard-fought disagreement and problem solving, instead lobbing grenades at “the enemy” from far enough away we can demonize our foe and imply foul intent for ratings (see cable news, 24/7).

That’s what makes our special guests (now real life friends) thoroughly riveting – they are former rivals who defied the trend and actually worked together on issues on which we’re told we’re intractably divided. Of course this put them both at odds with the status quo and resulted in them being former Congressmen – but it also means they can now share the unvarnished truth with you about what’s broken and how we might fix it. You’ll never have an opportunity to get a more intimate inside look at Washington from those in the know (+food). We’ll follow their insights with roundtable conversations Congressmen Murphy and Jolly will join into.

Learn more about their tour online here.



Rep. David Jolly (R, FL)
Former Member of Congress
Rep. Patrick Murphy (D, FL)
Former Member of Congress
Dr. Carol Weissert | Moderator
FSU Department of Political Science