Faith, Politics & Neighbors
"... ground well-trodden by angels and fools." -- H. Richard Niebuhr
2008-9 Dinner at the Square Season
Faith, Politics & Neighbors

For our second season of our Dinner at the Square series we’ll dive right into the topics that your mother told you to not discuss in polite company: faith and politics. As we build our Village Square we’ve decided to aim for building a public square that is rich, diverse and welcomes citizens from all perspectives into conversation.


We’ll start the conversation with a deep dive into our our founding history around the intersection of faith and politics, then continue on to discuss the proper role of faith in a healthy public square, continue with a very unique Purple conversation and we’ll finish up the year with a rabbi, a priest, a pastor and an inam who will all walk onto our stage…


Past Event | April 20, 2010

Purple State of Mind: Two friends. Three decades. Four conversations.

Welcome to a conversation between two old friends about the things that divide - and unite - all of us: our memories, our identities, our beliefs, our choices. Craig Detweiler and John Marks were devout Christians when they roomed together in college. It was Craig's first year in the faith, John's last.

Past Event | July 14, 2009

A Rabbi, A Priest, A Pastor & an Imam:
Old joke. New conversation.

Tallahassee is rewriting the old joke on July 14th by inviting a rabbi, priest, pastor and imam to "walk into a bipartisan forum, eat dinner, and then have a civil conversation despite differences in their faiths." Faith differences just got friendly.

Past Event | February 10, 2009

Ice Cream and Horse Manure?
Faith in the Public Square

On the Colbert Report, pastor Tony Campolo contemplated the nature of the intersection between faith and politics - "It's like mixing ice cream and horse manure. It doesn't really affect the manure but it really messes up the ice cream." Wise warnings, however, haven't stopped us yet.

Past Event | September 23, 2008

On Church & State:
Faith and the Founding Fathers

It's hard to think of what we do agree on when it comes to the topics your mother told you to never discuss in polite company - we don't even seem to agree on the foundational principles that should guide the space where faith and politics meet. So we'll look to those Founding Dudes for a little wisdom.