"There is incredible value in being known."*
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#100Coffees to Save Democracy

We were so inspired by Alex Workman’s #100Coffees project that we wanted to imagine how #100Coffees could become a part of life in our community forever—without Alex having to give up sleep (and gainful employment, that is unless someone has figured out how to earn a solid income by drinking coffee with lots of people, in which case please do tell us).

What if coffee could save the world?  Alex may have actually cracked the code. Determined to FIX problems rather than hang with the complainers, Alex challenged himself to have coffee with 100 random people in 2021. He met his goal by May and kept right on going. 163 coffees later he has a blueprint for breaking down divisions and he wants to share it with the rest of us. We think it just might save democracy, so we invite you to join us in making our community a place where we know each other.  Let’s have coffee.

The Problem:  We live in silos; we listen to echo chambers; we hang out with people like us; we make assumptions; we misunderstand our neighbors; we think the worst about “them” because “us” says we should. And even after we realize all this, we don’t know how to fix it. <Enter Alex.> (Meet Alex, Chelsea and the crew here.)

The Solution:  Spend time with people of various backgrounds and viewpoints; lead with relationships before issues; and connect in fun social settings. <Huh??> Just have coffee with 100 random people.

We invite you to join #100Coffees by making a pledge to have coffee with a certain number of people over the next year (you get to pick the number).  We’ll make it easy for you, thanks to scheduling with Calendly and wisdom from Alex.  Sign up today.

“Together, let’s make our community a place where people are KNOWN instead of just being KNOWN OF!” ~Alex Workman

Need more info?  Alex joined us on our podcast to tell us all about #100Coffees.  Find Village SquareCast (episode 56) wherever you listen to podcasts, or tune in here:

What 100 Coffees can teach us about being human

100 Coffees.&nbsp; Coffee and people are two of the joys of Alex Workman’s life. He has a long-standing goal of trying to have coffee with someone he’s never met (or doesn’t know very well) once a week. In 2021, Alex embarked on a challenge to meet 100 people for coffee – he reached his goal by May and kept right on going.

*”There is incredible value in being known” is, of course, Alex. The photos of #100Coffees is, you guessed it, Alex. 


Meet the OG #100Coffees host (actually it was more like 163)
Alex Workman drinks a lot of coffee.
Over to Alex:

“…the PROBLEM is that we live in a world where it’s easier to share your opinion or go on a rant behind a keyboard without ever talking to a person face to face. We may not be able to solve the world’s problems, but we can start by having conversations and getting to know people we may not know or may not agree with.”