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Our Town Series: Speed Date Your Local Leaders

Invented by a Jewish rabbi, now there’s Christian speed dating, graduate student speed dating, even speed dating for pet adoption and – for the truly noncommittal – online speed dating.

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Amanda Claire Curcio:
Spin through civic speed dating

Come here often? And with the most cliché of all pickup lines, the 2016 “Speed Date Your Local Leaders” began.


“Speed Date” your Local Leaders. Really.

Maybe you’ve never tried it yourself, but everyone’s heard of speed dating. First offered by an Israeli rabbi to help Jewish singles find love, now there’s Christian speed dating, graduate student speed dating and – for the truly noncommittal – online speed dating. But never before has there been civic speed dating.


Truth + Trolls: Fourth Estate, First Amendment, Fake News

Now fortified by the perfect electronic Pandora’s Box of social media platforms and weaponized from toxic chatrooms to The Kremlin, falsehoods are delivered to us with targeted precision by firehose. So what’s a country to do? We’ll ponder just how public discourse beats the profusion of propaganda.


Jack Romberg: Take me out to the ball game – Please!

Only baseball reflects, at various moments in American history, our country’s situation, our emotions of the moment, and best of all, provides inspiring stories at the times in which we most need them.


Living right by Alexis de Tocqueville

It was probably our founders’ biggest idea – and assuredly their boldest – that a diverse people could self-govern.





The Village Square Continues ‘Fast Forward Tallahassee’

Hometowns with a “sense of place” are vibrant, engaged, growing and economically successful. They are places people want to live and raise families. There are new reasons every day why this describes Tallahassee.


Village Square Salt Lake City Announces Its Formation

We are excited to announce the creation of a Salt Lake City chapter of The Village Square.