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2018-19 Dinner at the Square Season

(Click here to buy season tickets.) America, at her core, is an act of defiance. It’s part of our spirit to launch rebellion when “in the course of human events” it’s required. Right now, you can feel the roiling forces of rebellion popping up from sea to shining sea and on almost every comment thread, but with a tone that feels deeply disquieting to most of us. Both on the right and the left you can sense the imperative that the old way of doing the business of democracy needs to be dumped in the harbor.

But maybe in America an act of rebellion isn’t really about shrugging off old and stale ideas, but about refusing to forget who we are – about returning and recommitting to the original ideals that gathered us together at the beginning? A re-founding of sorts (preferably without the muskets).

Just before his death this week, Senator John McCain left us his last words. “I hope those who mourn my passing – and even those who don’t – will celebrate as I celebrate a happy life lived in imperfect service to a country made of ideals, whose continued success is the hope of the world.

As strong and hostile forces seek to divide us – north from south, left from right, black from white, urban from rural – perhaps the ultimate act of respectful rebelliousness is to not let them?


The idea of mutual respect runs strong through our nation’s heart. America is a country that by all rights shouldn’t exist – unlike other countries, we’re not united by religion or bloodline but around deeply held ideals that we hold self-evident, that we are created equal. And we are engaged together in common purpose to keep stretching toward a more perfect union.

Central to the Framers’ Big Idea, that a diverse people can self-govern, was the notion that contrasting ideas would have to clash – so that the best ideas can rise, power can be checked, and all of us in our multitudes of difference can be free to somehow – against all odds – strive to become exactly who we are. That competing ideas and diverse people are a strength to be embraced rather than a threat to be stifled has always formed the scaffolding around our country. That we disagree is our strength, not our weakness – and this uniquely America idea has lit the world.

“Americans have tended to believe without irony that Thomas Paine was right when he declared that we have it in our power to begin the world over again,” writes historian Jon Meacham in “The Soul of America.” But to do so, in this time when we seem to have forgotten our True North, “requires innumerable acts of citizenship and of private grace.”

We say it’s time for acts by citizens – large and small – of respectful rebellion, or maybe of rebellious respect. Either way, let the respectful clashing of opinion re-begin.**

**As we have this conversation in Tallahassee, The Village Square is launching our national project on college campuses. Find it online at respectandrebellion.com.


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Host or attend: Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues to Change the World.

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