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Improbable conversations
on faith + politics

Meet the God Squad, the brains behind our series “Faith, Food, Friday: Improbable conversations for people of faith and no faith at all (because talking politics wasn’t hard enough). We hope you’ll join us as we explore what happens when people of good will who might not agree cross each others’ thresholds and break a little bread together. Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, bring an open mind, an open heart (and an empty stomach) for a continuing conversation on the two topics your mother taught you to never broach in polite company. Faith, Food, Friday is $8 if you register through the Tuesday ahead of each program ($10 after) and free if you’d like to bring your own lunch (or not eat).

Squarecast Episode 18 | God Squad | October 2020
Our broken hearts:
Civility (and humanity) in a pandemic.

A conversation bound and determined to transcend everything around us now. We’re going to leave behind all the recriminations about how we got here or whose fault it is for a single golden hour to just be human together. No politics, just people. Bring your lunch and your forgiveness. (Also wish us luck.)

Past event | November 2020 | God Squad | Via Zoom
True Believers: The ascendant "religion" of our political extremes.

America’s hardcore polar political opposites seem to have something striking in common — they evoke a blind, unquestioning faith that feels like religion run amok, each complete with Original Sin, rituals and dogma (and, notably, many swift excommunications). Conversation predicted to include whining about social media.

Squarecast Episode 23 | God Squad | December 2020
What happens when the ‘Good News Club’ isn’t good for me...or my child...

….but gosh…who doesn’t like free ice cream after a day at public school? We thought the holiday season might be just the time of year to walk a mile in the shoes of minority faith traditions, as they navigate both the yuletide season and the public institutions they share with the broader predominantly Christian culture around them.

January 15, 2021 @ Noon | God Squad | Via Zoom
Honoring Dr. King's legacy:
Letter from Birmingham Jail

In celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, we’ll begin 2021 with an important conversation about one of the most iconic and impactful writings in American history. We’ll talk about its prophetic wisdom and its application to our realities of race in America today.

Past Event | God Squad | February 2021
Cancel culture, minority opinion (and the future of humanity)

Cancel culture is now part of a new world driven by social media and practiced from American college campuses to the halls of power in Washington, D.C. by none other than the 45th President of the United States. If your opinion doesn’t conform, you’re not only exiled but life as you know it could be over. (More whining about social media.)

past event | March 2021 | watch or listen

America is awash right now in conspiracy theories, a phenomena that thrives when anxiety and isolation is high (uh, now). Conspiratorial thinking has found its most fertile ground in all of human history in the dark (and ever-expanding) corners of the internet — throw in a pandemic, a hostile foreign power or two and they may be here to stay.

September 2019 | God Squad
“Look after the well-being of the city, for its well-being is your well-being.”

As much as it’s hard to take our eyes off of Washington lately, ultimately it’s neighbors like us in hometowns like this one who decide who we are to each other. We’ll get The Fab Five out of their summer sabbaticals to talk the Catholic principle of “subsidiarity” – doing good work closest to the people – and consider our local power to heal the growing national divide.

October 2019 | God Squad
The unspoken story of poverty, politics and privilege in this place we call home.

We all know we’ve got a problem in Tallahassee — we’re economically, geographically and racially too far apart from each other. Too often the costs of this separation is ignored, avoided and goes unspoken. As usual, God Squad will defy the tendency to ignore what’s right in front of us in the lives we live together and dive right in.

November 2019 | God Squad
The Benedict Option: Is our culture so hostile to faith that Christians must leave it?

People of faith in America feel besieged by a secularized culture and see their basic freedom to practice as threatened. Enter “The Benedict Option” – the idea that Christians need to separate themselves further from the culture around them. Whether or not you’re someone who sees a building threat to religious freedom, what cost is there to our communities with further separation?

February 2020 | God Squad
Extremism, Political Tribes and The Rise of Violence Against Jews

America’s politics have turned tribal and poisonous. Measures of connectedness across society are on the decline, and extremism — and violence — is on the rise. The recent increase in anti-Semitic violence in “the living memory of the Holocaust” (after a century of education to prevent it) is likely an indicator that our society is deeply unhealthy.